Google drive scan software by CC Scan

Features of premium cloud scanning software

In the quest of full filling their clients the developers of the Google drive scan software by CC Scan software has developed the software with two options. These options are the free option which is free of charge and you do0nt have to pay anything to use it, however the option has less feature which makes you not enjoy the optimum services of the software. The second option is the premium option where you need to pay some charges for you to enjoy the services. The option has myriad of added features on it thus making it perform anything that you may want while scanning. This article therefore will delve into the additional features that the premium version have over the free version so that you can make an informed choice when choosing between the two options. They include:

Printing Option

In addition to scanning function of the cloud, scanning software the premium option gives you the possibility of printing your work, which the free option of the cloud scanning software does not have. This is very important in that scanning and printing goes along with each other. This therefore means the premium version of the cloud scanning software is able to scan documents and photos while at the same time print them for you. this option therefore saves you great amount of resources of buying the printer and also the time which is of very great essence ion any business as your cloud scanning software is able to do all these functions.

Sending option via email

When you are done scanning your documents or photos you may want to send the documents and photos to someone or to yourself, sending them through mail can be a very great way of doing that. The free option of the cloud scanning software does not have this function therefore making it hard to send the scanned works. The premium option therefore has come a long way in making your life easier as you are provided with the option of sending your work through mail. This therefore saves you great amount of time, which you would have used while trying to find ways of sending your scanned works. This feature therefore eases the scanning process.

Image enhancement feature

While scanning documents Open Stack and photos there might be a photo or an image in the documents that you are scanning. In the free option of the cloud scanning software, you may find that the output of the image is not that clear. The premium version of the cloud scanning software therefore enhances the images that are found in the document thus making the output of the scanning very crystal clear, which in turn helps to produce a high quality work, which your customers may even enjoy, your services. In addition, quality work output helps you build your brand as a scanning one stop joint and thus increasing your customers win case you have a scanning business. Image enhancement and quality scanned works output is very important and it helps greatly in the scanning works.  

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Counter Top Choices In Langely BC

Most Popular kitchen Countertops Materials options for your kitchen –there are handful materials that can just be a great option for your kitchen. The choices of kitchen countertops from Langley materials are just so many but the true fact is that you can get the best choice for counter top in the market if you look keenly at the several available.  

Natural Stone –the most popular natural stones that are used in the making of kitchen counters tops are; Langley tile store soapstone, granite and slate. Here we briefly explore each material.

Soapstone and slate are found in very few colors as compared to granite. The most common soap stone slabs color is dark greenish-black. But it is also common to find lighter-greenish slabs. As for slate, it is extremely dense stone and it is commonly available in five refined colors of; green, gray, red, black and purple. Mottled and variegated purple slates are slightly less common but they have veins and contrasting color shades that are very visible. Soapstone and slate can both be fabricated into sinks if you want to have them match with the countertop. To reduce staining, it is important to seal soapstone with mineral oil as it is very porous. Slate on the other hand, is not porous and it is almost maintenance free. Slate’s surface is relatively soft and a steel wool can be used to smoothen out scratches on it.

Granite was previously found in high-end expensive kitchens but nowadays they can easily be found in commonplaces and it is currently the most popular natural stone used for kitchen countertops materials. Counters made from granite are very solid and they can be fabricated by local fabricators or can be found at various kitchen showrooms and home centers. Granite is found in a wide colors range from variant blues, midnight black, deep red, mottled white and variegated browns. An impregnating sealer is used to treat granite surfaces after they are cut and polished. When treated, the surface can last for 10 to 15 years but for daily cleaning routine, ensure that stone cleaner is used instead of an abrasive cleaner.

Solid Surfaces –solid surface materials include; Wilsonart, Avonite, Corian and Gibraltar and are made of 100% polyester, 100% acrylic or can be made of up of both acrylic and polyester.Solid surfaces are completely repairable; they are renewable and are high stain and scratches resistant. Their surfaces can be sanded out to eradicate scratches and burns, and deep gouges can be filled. Undetectable joints are created by fusing seams together. The materials are available in wide ranging colors and patterns and many of them have similarities with natural stone. Sinks that have solid surfaces are also available.



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